About Us


The West Mobile Community Market is all about the community.  We believe community is something that has to be built.  Our market is a family friendly event, where people can shop for quality products and get to know their neighbors.

Local Business Owners

One principle we hold to is that strong local businesses make for a strong community.  The West Mobile Community Market is a place for local vendors/business owners to showcase their products and connect with with the customers in their community


The West Mobile Community Market has a strong conviction that small steps can make a big difference.  We have decided to give all profits (vendor fees - expenses) from the market to 



Our hearts were filled with compassion when we heard the stories of the victims of sexual slavery.  We would like all the business owners/customers involved with the West Mobile Community Market to check out  PROJECT RESCUE's website.  Please take a moment to educate yourself about the horrors of sex trafficking.   If your heart is moved please consider donating to this worthy cause.